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This is a fan community for the English tenor Charles Daniels. Anyone is welcome to join, but there are a few simple rules:

1. Be nice. In particular, criticism of any singers or other musicians should be kept constructive and relevant to their actual musical ability; personal slurs of any kind will not be tolerated.

2. Keep it relevant. If you're at all uncertain, label the post as off-topic.

3. Anything that I consider an invasion of Charles' privacy will be deleted as soon as I see it. I will enforce this rule very strictly, and repeat offenders in this respect will be banned. I'm really not the banning type, though, so I'd like to think this rule will never need enforcing.

4. Please keep it clean. A good rule is that you don't post anything you'd be embarrassed about if Charles saw it himself.

5. Lengthy concert or recording reviews should be posted under a cut, as should large photos (more than about 400 pixels wide or high) - thanks.

I think that's everything as regards formalities. :-) You can find anything else relating to Charles on our website, including a list of his forthcoming concerts, a discography, and several relevant links. Please don't hesitate to let us know, either here or via the website, if anything is inaccurate, out of date or broken - thanks!