The Mezzo Mongoose (miss_next) wrote in charles_on_song,
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Wiki entry

In early 2006 (I think) I put up a Wikipedia stub about Charles, in the hope that someone more knowledgeable might edit it into a proper article. (They never did... sigh!) This morning I discovered that it had for some unknown reason been deleted, so I wrote a rather more detailed replacement.

It's still quite a short article, partly because I'm not very confident about writing Wiki articles and partly because I'm typing with one hand at the moment; for the benefit of those not on my friends list, I injured one arm quite badly in a cycle accident a fortnight ago. So please feel free to edit in anything I've missed out that you think ought to be there, but do remember Wiki's policy of neutrality - the article should be informative, but not read like a eulogy or a publicity release, no matter how much we may want everyone else to listen to Charles and discover what they've been missing!

In particular, if you have any information from an independent source (eg an article in the national or specialist musical media), please, please, put it in and quote your source. Since I started typing this entry, the article has been tagged for possible conflict of interest because my primary source was his agent's website. The problem is that the sleeve notes of every recording he ever does are based on that biography, although it does sometimes get expanded and/or updated slightly.

Many thanks!
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Maybe this is why it was deleted: The creator of this article, or someone who has substantially contributed to it, may have a conflict of interest regarding its subject matter.

Where did they get that? I didn't think it had any squee to it at all.
Oh, I just re-read your post where you mention this...